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Kuwaiti voters head to polling stations for parliament by-elections
June 26, 2014, 8:14 am

Some 247,801 voters headed to polling stations on Thursday to vote in Kuwait's National Assembly by-elections for five representatives, who will be spread out amongst three out five constituencies.

The seats were made vacant after the resignations of five lawmakers were accepted on May 16 by the parliament that was voted in on July 27, 2013.

In their resignation letter, the lawmakers had claimed that the government had "prevented the launch of interpellations, did not respond to parliamentary enquiries, did not accomplish projects that truly benefit the public and covered up corruption," according to State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdallah Al-Sabah.

On behalf of the government, the minister had deemed the accusations as "defying reality and facts and having no basis of the truth." Riyadh Al-Adsani and Ali Al-Rashed from the second constituency, Abdulkareem Al-Kandari and Safa Al-Hashem from the third and Hussain Quwaian Al-Mutairi from the fourth all pulled out of the 50-seat parliament.

Vying for their seats some 72 candidates in total, including four women, have had their credentials approved by the Supreme Elections Commission in February.

These include 22 in the second constituency, 31 in the third and 19 in the fourth - four of whom are women.

The number of eligible voters in the second constituency is 50,704, including 23,986 men and 26,718 women, the third constituency 78,601, including 35,838 men and 42,763 women, and the fourth constituency 118,496, including 54,319 men and 64,177 women, according to Supreme Elections Commission figures.

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