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Kuwaiti wins top spots in US competition
August 13, 2013, 1:29 pm

Kuwaiti jet-skier Abdullah Al-Fadhel clinched the second spot in two categories in the sixth round of the US 2013 UWP-IJSBA Hydro-Turf National Tour, which wrapped up in Georgia Monday night.

In remarks to Kuna, the skier said he is now waiting for final positioning in one of the categories because of equal number of points by more than one player in the overall tally.

The seventh round, he said, is set for next week and he aims to maintain his lead through focus on his physical fitness routine, which was a main factor in his results so far.

The Kuwaiti expressed appreciation for government support through Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) and the private sector through Alghanim Group of Shipping and Transport, particularly during international events.

This US competition is an annual event and is one of the main attractions in this sport with the world's elite taking part.
Al-Fadhel is so far among those in the lead, and is the only Kuwaiti who managed to win a gold medal in the professional competitions held in Arizona, October 2012

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