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Kuwaiti woman dies due to swine flu
April 18, 2015, 2:44 pm

A female Kuwaiti citizen passed away at dawn on Saturday at Addan Hospital after being infected with swine flu, the hospital director Dr. Bader Al-Otaibi announced. The patient was pregnant with twins and was in the last stage of her pregnancy. A caesarean surgery had to be performed to save the lives of the two infants. "The twin babies are healthy and show no signs of infection of the disease,"  Dr. Al-Otaibi said.

The patient was in a coma when she was brought to Al-Addan Hospital on March 22 after undergoing treatment at a private hospital.  Dr. Al-Otaibi said that the staff struggled to keep the woman alive, using cardiac revival equipment.

The hospital admitted seven such cases in the past month; one passed away and the others were treated and discharged. 


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