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Kuwaiti woman ‘remarried’, has no right to custody of children
January 4, 2018, 6:55 am

The Personal Status Court chaired by Judge Ahmad Al-Dhubai’e stripped a Kuwaiti woman of her right to custody of her children and all payments awarded in her favor by previous judgments.

As per lawsuit filed by Lawyer Bushra Al-Hindal on behalf of the plaintiff, the woman was accused of getting married to another man without securing approval of marriage contract to enable her maintain custody of the children.

The lawyer presented documents to prove the allegation, adding that her current husband presents the marriage contract when deemed necessary.

Some witnesses also attested to the new marriage, affirming the woman was staying with the new husband in the same house. The court was convinced that the woman was actually married to another man in view of the documented evidences and testimonies of witnesses.

Source: Arab Times

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