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Kuwaitis, expats criticise spread of cheap, deadly toys in market
November 7, 2015, 9:58 am

A number of Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates particularly doctors criticized the widespread sale of carcinogenic toys on road pavements, Friday Market in Al-Rai and all toy shops. In an investigative report conducted by the daily, the doctors explained that most of the toys sold in the above mentioned locations are cheap and imported from China or some Arab countries.

They are made out of petroleum wastes, which are risky for children as it could lead to cancer and reduce immunity to chronic diseases. Even good quality toys are only 70-90 percent safe, as they are also made of harmful materials.

Meanwhile, citizens and expatriates in Kuwait revealed that highquality toys are expensive, which is why they buy cheap toys. They indicated that a parent who earns a monthly salary of KD 350 cannot afford to buy toys that cost above KD 2 for his or her children. In addition, Pediatrician Dr. Hamad Al-Abdullah and Neurologist Dr. Hamdy Nouh both revealed that the rubber bracelets worn by young girls are hazardous because they contain carcinogenic chemicals that can seep into the skin.

They added that the color pigments in toys can lead to mental disorders in children and affect their reproductive system.

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