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Kuwaitis in private sector rises 18%
January 26, 2015, 8:46 am

The number of Kuwaiti citizens working in the private sector has increased by 18.5 percent in the past five years, according to figures released by the Central Statistics Bureau and reported in local media.

There were more than 61,600 Kuwaitis in the private sector in 2014, compared to 52,000 in 2009.

There are more women in the private sector - 32,609 – than men (29,043).

More than half are aged between 30 and 49, the bureau said.

Kuwait has been actively working to encourage more citizens into the private sector to help alleviate its bloated public sector.

About 94 percent of working Kuwaitis were estimated to be in government departments, agencies and businesses in 2013.

The public sector was about 30-40 percent over-staffed, Kuwait Banking Association secretary general Dr Hamad Ali Al Hasawi told Arabian Business in April, 2013.

The government has found it difficult to encourage Kuwaitis into the private sector often because they are given guaranteed jobs with little accountability and high wages in the public sector.

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