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Kuwaitis prefer to spend coming holidays outside
February 22, 2015, 9:07 am

The majority of Kuwaitis and residents from neighboring countries prefer to travel and spend the National and Liberation Days holiday outside the country, says the travel and tour agencies in Kuwait, reports a local daily.This year’s National Days holiday is considered to be short compared to the last two years’ which continued for almost five days until the end of the month, including weekends.

As per record of bookings, Dubai remains the favorite travel destination of Kuwaitis, followed by Sharm el Sheikh, Cairo and Lebanon which reemerged to become one of the favorite destinations for Kuwaitis, whereas Paris and London recorded the highest bookings as the favorite European destination for well-off Kuwaitis.

The holy city of Makkah is also among the preferred destinations, because a significant number of people head for the holy city to perform ‘Umra’ (minor pilgrimage) during this festive national season.

Tourism expert Kamal Kabsha mentioned that air bookings to Sharm el Sheikh, Cairo, and Dubai were fully booked by 19 February, which is a week before the start of the national festivals and ticket prices skyrocketed three times compared to the normal days.

Kabsha explained the airline companies usually charge customers more for a ticket when booking is done few days before the holidays — in accordance with the policy known as ‘return maximization’. “For instance, a ticket to Dubai during the festive season goes for KD 250, whereas in the normal days, it costs KD 60”.

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