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Kuwaitis to enjoy easy procedure to acquire UK visa -- diplomat
October 27, 2013, 5:13 pm

Procedures to acquire visa for the UK will be simplified for Kuwaiti citizens by 2014, said a Kuwaiti diplomat here Sunday.
First Secretary at the Kuwaiti Embassy in London, Mishal Al-Mud'af, told KUNA that the announcement did not mean that Kuwaitis would enter the UK without visa, noting that submitting a request for a UK visa would be done through an e-mail sent to British Embassy in Kuwait.

He noted that the new procedure would involve citizens waiting for a reply e-mail within a period of 48 hours and if approved, a print of the e-mail should be provided to UK authorities upon arrival.

The diplomat refuted news that Kuwaiti citizens would be exempted from acquiring the UK visa, noting that Kuwait was the fourth GCC country given this treatment concerning the simplified visa requirement.
A meeting next month between staff of the Kuwaiti Embassy and the British Interior Ministry would be held to agree on the final details of the agreement, said Al-Mud'af

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