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Laid-off Kuwaiti Employees in the private sector receive allowances
May 17, 2015, 9:20 am

The Government Manpower and Restructuring Program (GMRP) has announced that approximately KD 26 million, which is the 50-month allowance payment of up to April 2015, has been disbursed to Kuwaiti citizens who were laid off from the private sector, reports a local daily.

In a press statement, Assistant Secretary General of GMRP Bandar Al-Rashid said, “The state is striving to support its people in every aspect and provide better solutions for the problems faced by the laid-off manpower”. He indicated that, “The so-called ‘Laid-off crisis’ is one of the apparent crises suffered by the children of this nation.

Many Kuwaiti employees of the private sector were laid off because of the 2008 global recession and its ‘aftershock’ on the labor markets in various countries”. Al-Rashid stressed the keenness of GMRP to provide job opportunities for the laid-off Kuwaiti employees of the private sectors.

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