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Law to leash wild animal enthusiasts
December 21, 2014, 9:03 am

MPs Kamel Al-Awadhi, Adnan Abdulsamad, Ahmed Al-Qudhaibi, Ahmed Al-Azmi and Rakan Al-Nisf have proposed a bill incriminating the possession, sale, purchase or advertisement of wild animals. According to the bill, the above mentioned violations will be punishable if committed by individuals and violators will be fined by KD 20,000 and/or six-month imprisonment. The bill exempts individuals or bodies who have a license form PAAAFR, such as circuses and licensed zoos.

Commenting on the bill, Awadhi stressed that it became a necessity after the phenomenal rise in keeping wild animals as pets that was recently topped by a lion attacking a Filipina maid, causing her fatal injuries. Abdulsamad stressed that such acts pose a fatal threat to people everywhere because some of these animals are kept in residential areas. He added that they can more dangerous than weapons.

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