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Lawmakers, ministers to agree on list of priorities
August 11, 2013, 9:46 pm

The Cabinet is preparing to present a list to the parliament after the Eid holidays, containing 48 topics to be given top priority in early discussions, a local daily reported yesterday quoting sources. The list is set to focus on economy, development and anti-corruption regulations and is not expected to be different than priorities announced by MPs, said the sources who spoke to Al-Rai on the condition of anonymity.

Lawmakers and ministers are expected to agree on a list of topics to be given priority when the parliament resumes sessions in October. Meanwhile, the sources revealed that the Cabinet’s list does not includes the bedoons (stateless residents) issue as “efforts regarding the issue are going on as planned”.

A report last Saturday suggested that parliamentary committees were assigned to prepare a list of at least six topics each to be discussed as priorities. Al-Rai quoted head of the financial committee Faisal Al-Shaya yesterday who identified the panel’s priorities as reconsidering the Kuwait Airways privatization, the public tenders and buy-operate-transfer (BOT) regulations. “KAC law will be given priority because it was approved but the procedures were never completed due to the annulment of the parliament”, Al-Shaya explained.

Meanwhile, MP Riyadh Al-Adasani reiterated that the law needs to be readdressed “in order to guarantee employees’ rights”. In other news, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Thekra Al-Rashidi came under fire Saturday after rumors spread that she hired her unqualified sister as a consultant with a KD 1,250 overtime allowance. “If the rumors were true, it would be a very disappointing start [for the Cabinet] and an unacceptable step that draws suspicions of favoritism”, MP Al-Shaya said.

Meanwhile, MP Saleh Ashour announced plans to present inquiries regarding Al-Rashidi’s alleged hiring on nepotistic basis. Al-Qabas also reported that Minister of Justice, Minister Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Sharida Al-Maosharji ordered that director of the Public Authority for the Publication of the Holy Quran should be suspended for three months as penalty for violations that were not disclosed in the report.

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