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Lawmakers endorse draft bills on household workers
June 24, 2015, 7:51 pm
The National Assembly approved on Wednesday two proposals for draft laws on establishing a shareholding firm to import domestic help and on fine-tuning existing laws regarding this domestic help. The first draft bill seeks to entrust the importation of foreign domestic help to a specialized company that would be accountable to authorities for any mistreatment of this domestic help and any violation of their rights as household workers, said a statement by the parliamentary financial and economic committee.
The draft bill, if endorsed by the assembly and the government, will help to whitewash the spotty reputation of Kuwait on the general treatment of domestic or household workers, said the statement. The bill seeks to establish a shareholding company with no more than 10 percent profitability, with the allocation of 10 percent of its shares to the Public Investment Authority, and another 10 percent of its shares to The Public Institution for Social Security and 60 percent to the Union for Cooperative Societies and the rest of the shares to Kuwait Airways Co. and the Public Authority for Minors Affairs.
The bill requires the company to see to it that household workers get the proper training for their jobs before they leave their countries to work in Kuwaiti households, noting that this company must dedicate itself to the single job of importing domestic help to Kuwait and nothing more.
Related to this bill was the one the committee said would go much further than current laws on the book regarding the rights and duties of domestic help workers as the latter seemingly lack legal recourse to any grievances they may have in the course of their employment. The new draft bill fine-tunes any rough edges in current laws organizing the work of household workers, with the focus on preserving these workers' rights, said the committee statement. 
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