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Lawyer stresses need to execute Mosque bombers
August 6, 2015, 9:24 am

The Criminal Court will deliberate on the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque bombing case on Thursday – the second day of trial.

Earlier on Tuesday, the court adjourned the session to allow more time for preparation and review of the case. The Registrar Department at the court also requested for viewing devices to be brought in the next session and to give permission for the defense lawyers to meet their clients with the prosecution as facilitator.

Results of investigations published for the first time on Tuesday revealed that those suspected of involvement in the attack were naÔve and insecure as manifested in the way they communicated through social media before and after the attack.

Their WhatsApp group chat even exposed everyone involved in the terrorist attack, including the main culprits. They went to the extent of expressing joy after the attack and congratulated each other for ‘successful’ operation although they committed a heinous crime which caused the death and injuries of a large number of worshippers.

Investigations also revealed that the order to execute the attack came from DAESH in Syria through telegram while one of the suspects, known as ‘Nibras’, said he dreamt about him joining DAESH in Syria and executing the plot in Kuwait. He also sent a telegram to another suspect telling the latter about the dream.

Also, the number of people suspected of involvement in the attack increased after the suspects implicated their wives whose fingerprints were found on the phone used by the suicide bomber and then thrown into the dustbin.

Furthermore, the leader of DAESH, who is in prison, told his daughter three months before the attack that there will be a big operation which will lead to his release. Meanwhile, the DNA samples and pictures from surveillance cameras were used to identify the suicide bomber and others involved in the attack.

Reports released by the General Department for Criminal Investigation stated that intensity of the explosion was due to highly explosive materials used for manufacturing dynamite. The materials covered by Explosives Law number 35/1985, so the possibility is high that the materials were part of the explosive vest worn by the bomber. This explains why the explosion claimed many lives, injuries and destruction.

Figure of the suspect, identified as F.S.A, is similar to that of the perpetrator of the explosion in the CCTV cameras in and outside the mosque. The shoes and dishdasha that he wore at the airport are also similar to the ones he wore while entering the mosque. The DNA sample obtained from the dishdasha found at the scene of the crime is also similar to the one lifted inside the car.

The DNA sample for another suspect, identified as A.S.A., which was collected from the left side of the ice box in which the explosive vest was kept resembles the one collected from the mobile phone of the suspect F.S.A. and it completely resembles left fingers of the suspect S.Q.A. It was confirmed through copies of blogs attached that the suspect S. T.M. used the blog to invite people to join DAESH.

He publicized principles that agitate for destruction of the country’s system on his Twitter account. On the other hand, Attorney Abdulmohsen Al-Qattan, lawyer for the victims, confirmed that the proxy procedures for the heirs of the victims were completed Wednesday.

He then thanked the Documentation Department for facilitating these procedures. He believes justice will be served upon completion of the trial, stressing the need to execute all those who will be proven to be involved in the attack and anyone who belongs to the terrorist organization DAESH.

Source: Al-Seyassah

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