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Lebanese narcotics office seizes 161,000 captegon pills to be smuggled to Kuwait
May 21, 2014, 8:45 am

Lebanese anti-drugs office announced on Tuesday it thwarted an attempt to smuggle 161,000 captegon pills through a shipment to Kuwait. The bagged pills were hidden in trucks' spare parts and industrial machinery.

The confiscated amount weighed about 29 kilograms and valued at around USD two million, a local security source told KUNA.

Lebanese customs announced earlier today the seizure of some 400,000 captegon pills set to be smuggled to Saudi Arabia.

Captegon is a synthetic pro-drug used as a stimulant and became illegal in most countries in 1986 after being listed by the World Health Organization as a "psychotropic substance". It is most common in Arab countries, as counterfeit versions of the drug continue to be available despite its illegality.

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