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Loopholes in arms collection law: Lawyer
July 2, 2015, 12:04 pm

Lawyer Bader Al-Zanki has warned against random implementation of the law of collection of weapons which was applied recently by Ministry of Interior. In a press statement, he indicated the invalidity of some of the procedures followed in many cases when applying this law, explaining that the warrant issued by the Public Prosecution to inspect houses, vehicles and suspicious location should be shown to the concerned individuals before their vehicles and houses are checked. Without doing so, the inspection procedures will be considered as invalid, thereby giving those individuals the right to file a lawsuit on misuse of the law.

Lawyer Al-Zanki said the Public Prosecutor or his representative, based on request of Ministry of Interior, can issue a warrant for Special Forces to inspect people, houses and public and private transportation in specific locations at specific times if there are legal evidences indicating the presence of illegal weapons, ammunition and fireworks, as per Article 1 of Law 6/2015.

He affirmed that Ministry of Interior has the legal right to conduct inspection campaigns on highways and main roads based on the authorization of the Public Prosecution for several consecutive days. However, a patrol officer does not have the right to randomly stop an individual and check his vehicle under the pretext of searching for weapons because doing so without a warrant from the Public Prosecution is considered as an invalid procedure.

Verdict upheld: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which dismissed a case filed by a cleric Bassam Al- Shatti, who is the father of the official spokesperson of the Opposition Groups Coalition, against a journalist Salem Al- Wawan. The plaintiff demanded KD 50,000 as compensation from the defendant for allegedly posting malicious statements on his Twitter account. The defense counsel Ali Al-Wawan urged the court to dismiss the lawsuit due to lack of substantial evidences against his client. He accused the plaintiff of putting up an argument that did not conform with the method, caution and commitment to the rights and interests protected by law.

Source: Arab Times

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