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Loopholes plugged at airport, Kuwaiti ‘passports’ misused
September 14, 2015, 8:59 am

Security at the Kuwait International Airport has been tightened and loopholes plugged to address security concerns following reports some people, particularly the bedoun were able to leave the country using original Kuwaiti passports, reports Al-Rai daily.According to a reliable source inmates of the Central Prison are involved in the scam who work in collusion with a passport officer at the Kuwait International Airport and who is believed to be absconding.

Earlier it was reported some bedoun were able to leave and re-enter using Kuwaiti passports and eight of them are being held for interrogation to find out how they could get access to Kuwaiti passports and how many people are involved in the scam since the issue at heart is the security of the country.

Sources say the issue may be bigger than it looks. However, the main concern at this point in time is to find out how they were able to get Kuwaiti passports, who gave them these documents and how they were able to leave and re-enter the country without their identities being discovered.

The same sources said interrogations with the eight detained may open the can of worms. The sources added personnel from the Directorate-General of Investigations in coordination with the Assistant Undersecretary Ports Security at the Ministry of Interior, Major-General Anwar Al-Yaseen has requested details of those passports.

The senior Interior Ministry has also reportedly summoned for interrogation the officers who put the departure and arrival stamps on these passports. Some of them, who are allegedly also involved in facilitating the escape of wanted persons from the country, have reportedly denied knowledge about the incident.

Source: Arab Times

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