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Lu&Lu Hypermarket celebrates Holy Month with Ramadan Kareem promotion
June 26, 2014, 11:16 am

LU&LU Hypermarket in keeping with their customer centric initiatives is launching amazing offers at all its outlets before and during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The Hypermarkets have arranged special Ramadan promotion, which allows customers to find great deals on selected items through an attractive pricing structure, maximizing the benefits of shopping.

During the Ramadan Kareem Mega Promotion 2014, super-discount prices will be offered on all products across the aisle. In addition, special hot-food and fresh-juice counters are being arranged for the benefit of shoppers at all branches of the hypermarket.

Reflecting the celebratory nature of the promotion, Ramadan themed decorations will be displayed throughout all outlets of the hypermarket. And, in keeping with the customs of the Holy Month, there will be counters offering exquisite fresh dates, as well as an enticing Ramadan Iftar counter providing traditional Ramadan specialties.

The Ramadan Kareem 2014 promotion is part of the hypermarket’s well-known initiative to always be a part of the social and cultural fabric of the country, by enthusiastically joining in its various celebrations. This social participation also reinforces the Lu&Lu Hypermarket’s commitment to always bring the best of the world to their customers through providing the right products in the right place at the right time.

The management of Lu&Lu Hypermarket would like to take this opportunity to thank all its patrons, and to extend best wishes and greetings of Ramadan Kareem to the government and people of Kuwait on the Holy month of Ramadan.

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