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MOH cancels contract with Health Insurance company
January 22, 2017, 8:24 am

Expats for residence renewal to be given temporary residence permit for 1 month

Expatriate will not be able to leave the country

The Interior Ministry has given instructions to directors of Residence Affairs Departments in the six governorates to grant temporary residence permit of one month only to the expatriates who apply for renewal of their residence permit, reports Arab Times daily.

However, during this period an expatriate will not be able to leave the country, and if he/she does so, then the person will not be able to come back.

This happened because of the cancellation of the contract between the Ministry of Health and the health insurance company.

The daily added, this situation will continue until the Ministry of Health signs a new contract with another health insurance company and the Residence Affairs Department is able to renew the residence permit.

Source: Arab Times

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