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MP Al-Adsani requests feasible economic reform
December 14, 2016, 10:34 am

MP Riyadh Al-Adsani has urged H.H. the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah to revise the economic reform document and present plausible solutions because not all Kuwaitis can afford the rising prices of gasoline and electricity. He unveiled his plan to present a draft law on reducing electricity fees, indicating it is unthinkable to raise fees by 1,200 percent considering its negative impact on citizens with low income.

He claimed the economic reform plan that the government presented to the previous Parliament is nothing but a scheme to destroy the economy. He said the Ministry of Finance has conducted a study on the proposal to impose tax system in 2018, especially since other Gulf States intend to impose value-added tax (VAT).

He also pointed out that citizens can no longer tolerate the wastage of public funds in public institutions, asserting the premier’s statement that the welfare State has ended is totally unacceptable. “If the government cannot control companies, the Parliament can monitor them.

The era of favoritism and weak Parliament is over as the time for accountability has come,” he stressed. He said the prime minister should extend a helping hand to resolve issues like unemployment, housing and corruption.

He believes there is no deficit, because Kuwait has 600 billion bonds and investments in Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA). On another development, Al-Adsani told the 27 opposition members that he disagrees with them on many issues, clarifying he attended only one of their meetings and his vote during the election of Speaker was based on his own conviction.

Meanwhile, MP Mohammed Al- Dallal asserted, “Kuwaitis made their statement and determined priorities through the ballot boxes, especially regarding the economic reform document.”

He disclosed one of these priorities is giving back the citizenship of those subjected to unlawful withdrawal of citizenship. He went on to enumerate other priorities such as combating corruption in various ministries and State institutions especially the Health Ministry where corruption is prevalent as well as reviewing legislation that restrict freedom like the offense, electronic media, DNA and election laws. He also stressed the need to establish the Elections Department, confirming that most members of the Parliament have agreed to amend the Election Law particularly the one-man, onevote system.

Source: Arab Times

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