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MP Al-Hadiya queries Development Minister over developmental plans
July 11, 2015, 10:45 am

MP Mohammad Al-Hadiya has submitted parliamentary questions to Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Planning and Development Hind Al-Sabeeh regarding the statements issued by Secretary General of Supreme Planning Council Hashim Al-Rifai in which the latter indicated that the previous developmental plans of over eight years were not really plans but just a compilation of projects.


Al-Hadiya asked, “If the previous developmental plans were not real, then where are the billions of dinars spent on these plans? What were the criteria for setting up the developmental plan’s projects after the projects were reduced from 1,200 to 100?” He wondered if the officials of governmental agencies were serious about implementing the developmental plans and if there are any disciplinary measures against employees and officials who failed to implement the plans.

Al-Hadiya indicated that the Secretariat introduced 62 new criteria for including a project within the scope of the developmental plan but he wanted to know on what basis these criteria were set and who set them. In another development, MP Nabil Al-Fadhel has urged the government to use the necessity decree for issuing some laws on anti-terrorism.

He revealed that he and some other MPs had presented some proposals on combating terrorism and assisting Ministry of Interior and Public Prosecution in performing their duties in this regard but the legislative term had ended without voting on those proposals.

MP Al-Fadhel explained that the new conditions currently being allotted necessitate the government to enact these proposals, which include one on pre-trial detention law, through a decree of necessity.

Source: Arab Times

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