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MP Al-Hashim says she has hit visa traders hard
January 31, 2017, 10:14 am

 Member of Parliament Safa Al-Hashim says the reason behind the campaign she is currently encountering over her stance on the high number of expatriates in the country is that “I have hit hard on the visa traders”, reports Arab Times daily.

In a press statement, MP Al-Hashim insisted that it is high time to amend the imbalance in Kuwait’s population structure because it is irrational for the population in Kuwait to be of ratio of 1:3 with regard to number of Kuwaitis versus number of expatriates. She affirmed that 40 percent of this problem can be fixed within two years if the minimum wages in the alternative salary strategy is increased, which will curb the increase in the number of expatriates in the country.

Al-Hashim explained that increments in the alternative salary strategic will render government establishments and others to only employ skilled workers who deserve high salaries. This will also provide opportunities for the national labor force to take up such jobs. “In this way, we will solve a huge part of this problem,” she added.

The lawmaker stressed that she is not against competent expatriate workers but she is talking about jobs that Kuwaitis can occupy such as engineers and other such professions. She insisted that her stance is in favor of the interest of the country and its people, indicating her indifference concerning international agreements that clash with the interests of the country.

MP Al-Hashim highlighted the fact that Kuwait has not transgressed anyone and has always extended her arm for everyone; “however, it is time to help citizens who cannot find jobs. We must solve the problems resulting from the population imbalance.”

Source: Arab Times

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