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MP Yusuf Al-Zalzalah laments performance of Ministry of Information
June 14, 2015, 9:39 am

MP Yusuf Al-Zalzalah asserted the performance of the Ministry of Information is below average despite the fact that a big percentage of the State budget is allocated to it. He cited as an example the poor performance of Kuwait Radio even though it has been broadcasting for more than 50 years now. He lamented none of the concerned authorities has taken any step to address the issue, calling for the closure of the radio and hand it over to the private sector in order to improve services and for Kuwait to save a large amount of public money.

In the meantime, the Human Resources Development Committee will soon discuss the proposed amendment of the strategic alternative to the salary scale with the Ministers Council and finance minister. Sources said the committee might also invite representatives of the company tasked to prepare the strategic alternative to tackle certain points.

Sources asserted that despite the declaration of MP Ahmad Lari about the preliminary agreement regarding the strategic alternative, nothing has been finalized due to a number of complicated issues. Sources added the ratification of the proposal will most probably be postponed until the next parliamentary session to give the government and Parliament more time to study it further.

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