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MP asks court to review segregation in schools
March 18, 2015, 10:28 am

MP Nabil Al-Fadel has asked the Constitutional Court to look into the Segregation Law applied in educational institutions. The lawmaker urged the court to issue a verdict in line with the Constitution and Kuwaiti customs. He said the court should clarify if the law, which prohibits mixing of male and female students, is constitutional or not.

He pointed out the law must be repealed in case the court declares it unconstitutional. He also called on the government to find an appropriate way to ease the financial burden of the country as a result of implementing the law in schools.

Meanwhile, MP Ahmed Lari confirmed the government is keen on completing its report on the salary scale alternative, hoping the report will be ready by the end of this month. He said Kuwait will save billions of dollars in the next 10 years if the proposal is implemented, because it ensures justice for all employees in the private sector. He pointed out about 30 to 40 percent of the employees will benefit from the proposal and their salaries will increase from 20 to 25 percent.

He disclosed the annual increase salary increment will be linked with inflation. In another development, the Priorities Committee on Tuesday met oil sector representatives to listen to their explanation on the execution of the government’s work program Committee Chairman Yusef Al- Zalzalah confirmed they reached an agreement with Oil Minister and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Ali Al-Omair on the items of the agenda for the next parliamentary session as follows: Child Protection Bill, Capital Markets Authority, sports clubs elections, compulsory military service (conscription) and financial auditors. He expects a long debate with the government on the aforementioned bills, indicating they may fail to reach an agreement on all these bills which could be approved in their first readings. He also confirmed asking various parliamentary committees to comment on the bills referred to them, such as the establishment of domestic labor companies, appointment of officials, amendment of the Social Security Law and prisoners.

On the other hand, Interior and Defense Committee Chairman MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf said the panel meeting slated for Tuesday was postponed until Wednesday due to some amendments to the Conscription Bill.

He added these amendments will be discussed on Wednesday before voting on them. He revealed the amended bill states that the Cabinet, not the defense minister, is mandated to look into categories not covered by the bill. He said these categories include those accused of drug trafficking and consumption, those with criminal records and cross-dressers.

He pointed out the presence of such people in the Army might lead to problems. He added the committee will also deliberate on the steps that should be taken if a citizen dies during conscription, as well as the benefits or privileges in case a military personnel dies.

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