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MP faults cabinet on Dow
June 13, 2015, 9:25 am

Head of Parliament’s Public Funds Protection Committee MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji says the Cabinet’s investigation committee has failed to identify the real perpetrators of the Dow Chemical deal, indicating that the head of the committee is not being neutral as “he released a report that is clearly aimed to protect those responsible for this failed deal”.

He affirmed that his committee has been provided with documents and important information that can help identify the squanderers of public money. MP Al-Turaiji revealed that his committee held a meeting on Thursday in the presence of the Chairman of Petroleum Exploration Company Anwar Saud Al- Sabah who was working in the Legal Department of Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC), adding, “The testimonies presented to the committee and the documents that were studied are considered important especially since the committee is convinced that the Dow deal is a failed one which lacked seriousness in preserving public money”.

He explained that three international banks had expressed reservations regarding entering into this kind of transaction due to the global economic recession and collapse of the market. MP Al-Turaiji criticized the stance taken by the negotiating team over the value of the deal, which reduced from $9 billion to $7 billion within four days without negotiating the reduction, stressing that there is a clear flaw and those responsible for committing the crime against Kuwait by involving it in such a bad deal should be held accountable.

He revealed that the testimonies indicate the former governor of Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Salem Abdulaziz Al- Sabah could have convinced the Cabinet from rejecting this loss-making deal but the Cabinet did not consider his technical opinion.

Meanwhile, MP Askar Al-Enezi has presented a proposal to increase the number of admission seats in the university as well as the number of scholarship and admission seats for Bedoun students.

He explained that the population of Kuwait is increasing year after year, which means the number of high-school graduates desiring to enroll for higher education is also increasing, due to which the number of admission seats in Kuwait University (KU) and Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) for high school students must also be increased in order to avoid a repetition of the admission crisis that was experienced last year.

Al-Enezi revealed that Bedoun students face extreme difficulty in obtaining admissions for higher education at KU and PAAET, adding, “Even though many are facing harsh living conditions, they still insist on completing their education after high school in order to acquire advanced knowledge and attain professional expertise with the intention of serving their country Kuwait”. He stressed that Bedoun children deserve total support from the state to complete their university education, adding that he considers them as the fabric of the Kuwaiti society, as they do not know any homeland besides Kuwait, while their parents and grandparents sacrifice for the sake of this country. “Since Kuwait is known as a country of charity and a global humanitarian center by the United Nations, Kuwait must not stop the Bedoun children from completing their higher education so that they can also participate in the renaissance of Kuwait in their fields”, said Al-Enezi.

Therefore, the proposals submitted by MP Al-Enezi, to be presented to the parliament for approval, are as follows:-

â–  Increase the number of seats at KU and PAAET to accommodate high school graduates and solve the admission problem.

â–  Increase the number of scholarship seats for education in Arab and foreign universities outside Kuwait.

â–  Issue a humanitarian decision to approve the enrollment of all Bedoun high-school graduates into Kuwait University and Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.

Decrease their acceptance percentage like their Kuwaiti counterparts. Accept Bedoun students, who attained distinction in high school education, into top colleges of Kuwait University. Provide them with monthly subsidies to help them complete their university studies.

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