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MP faults licencing for websites
September 19, 2015, 8:13 am

MP Rakan Al-Nisf has stressed the importance of promoting and improving electronic media by taking advantage of the latest developments in the field of information technology to protect freedom of expression.

He argued the existing Electronic Media Law does not take into account the differences between electronic newspapers and public or personal websites.He pointed out that social networking, commercial and private websites have no relation with electronic media; which is governed by other laws such as the Telecommunications Authority Law and Electronic Crimes.

He expressed objection to laws that oblige Internet and social networking site users to obtain a license from the Ministry of Information before creating their websites.

He explained it is necessary to regulate electronic media “but it is unacceptable if it is done at the expense of freedom or if it allows the government to interfere in the freedom of Internet users.” He affirmed the proposed amendments will be presented to the Educational Affairs Committee for approval in order to organize the electronic media sector to grant more freedoms to the users.

Meanwhile, MP Hamoud Al- Hamdan disclosed that issues related to the curricula and mosques are not included in the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque bombing case; hence, any attempt to associate these issues with the case is considered a violation of Article 50 of the Constitution.

He said only a few of those convicted have adopted extremist and terrorist ideologies and they did not study in Kuwait. He affirmed the current curricula were designed by experts while the sermons in mosques are recorded, asserting there had been no indications of promoting extremist or terrorist ideologies in the curricula and sermons.

He stressed the Sunnis and Shiites have the same rights and duties; hence, it is improper to monitor the activities of some citizens whereas others are left to do whatever they want. He added terrorism does not differentiate between DAESH, Hezbollah and Iran because all of them are in the same line with extremist and criminal approaches.

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