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MP hits public sector expats on jobs
May 28, 2014, 9:27 am

MP Hamdan Al- Azmi has stressed the need for the government to prioritize Kuwaitis in the recruitment of workers in the public sector. He pointed out there are 126,000 non- Kuwaitis working in the government; yet 20,000 jobless Kuwaitis have registered in the Civil Service Commission (CSC), waiting to be employed. He said it is now time for the government to revise its national policies to increase the Kuwaiti workforce in public institutions.

Al-Azmi urged the government to conduct a survey on non-Kuwaiti public sector employees, who are occupying positions that can be replaced by Kuwaiti citizens. He enumerated some factors leading to unemployment like the unclear policy of the government on national labor replacement and failure to address the problems of citizens who were laid off from work in the private sector due to the global financial crisis.

He lamented these citizens have been neglected and ignored, instead of benefitting from the experiences they gained from the private sector. He also attributed the problem to the employment and recruitment policies of the CSC, alleging the commission nominates Kuwaiti applicants for positions that do not match their expertise or skills; thereby, shattering the dreams of the latter.

He then asked the government to implement a system to stop the recruitment of foreign workers whose number far exceeds the Kuwaiti population. In conclusion, the MP stated that the current employment policy must be scrapped and replaced by a new, comprehensive and Kuwaiti-friendly policy.

He explained the yearly increase in unemployment rate only indicates the government’s failure to bear its responsibility in this regard. Asserting he will closely follow up the issue to make it a priority for both the legislative and executive authorities, the lawmaker believes this step will guarantee that every governmental position is occupied by a Kuwaiti.

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