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MP lauds success of ‘Let It Spoil’ campaign
August 24, 2015, 8:56 am

MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi has commended the campaign to boycott fish as it led to reduction in the prices of this vital commodity, indicating the successful ‘Let It Spoil’ campaign is a clear manifestation of the presence of greedy traders keen on manipulating prices to earn higher profits. He pointed out the successful campaign also proves that fish markets are part of the ‘mafia’ which controls the lives of people.

He stressed the need to dismantle this ‘mafia’ as it has been wreaking havoc in the daily living of the people. He urged the ministers of Commerce and Municipality to strictly enforce the laws in order to protect consumers from unscrupulous individuals who manipulate prices for their own good.

He has forwarded questions to the minister of commerce regarding the implementation of the Consumer Protection Law. He also stressed the need for those selling other basic commodities like meat, milk and vegetables to consider the will of the people; otherwise, there will be another boycott especially if the relevant authorities fail to stop unreasonable price hikes. On the other hand, MP Abdullah Al-Mayouf criticized the silence of officials in the Ministry of Commerce, particularly the Consumer Protection Department, over the unreasonable price hikes.

He argued it is illogical that the price of Zubaidi in Kuwait reached KD 27 since the country is surrounded by the sea. He warned Minister of Commerce and Industry Yousif Al-Ali on the consequences of remaining silent over the manipulation of prices. He asserted that he and his colleagues in the Parliament will use constitutional tools to address the problem and protect the rights of consumers.

In another development, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji has forwarded queries to Minister of Communications Issa Al- Kandari on the alleged financial irregularities in the Meteorological Department. He wants to know the truth about the allegation that an employee sold scientific information to a satellite channel and a telecommunication company without putting the payments into the treasury of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). He asked about the procedures followed in selling such information to the concerned authorities. He inquired if there is a personal contract between the staff to provide the information to non-governmental authorities, if approval has been granted to sign the contract, and if the contract was done by the Legal Department. He wants to know if a committee of inquiry composed of technical specialists was formed to look into the allegations. If yes, who are the members and what are the committee’s recommendations? He also demanded for the list of new observers at the department, if they were promoted based on seniority according to the Civil Service Law, and if some qualified employees were excluded from the promotion.

Subsequent to success of “Let it Spoil” campaign against hike in fish prices, some Kuwaitis have been advocating another extensive campaign against the skyrocketing prices of foodstuff and other commodities under the slogan “Initiate War against Inflation”, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The campaign scheduled to kick-start on Monday will continue for the first four days, targeting cucumber whose price has increased astronomically to KD 1.5 per carton in the cooperative societies within a few days. Grocery traders and officials of the cooperative societies have been holding marathon meetings to find a solution to the problem by reducing prices of some items before people boycott them in the same way the fish case was treated.

Bloggers who led the campaign against hike in fish prices used photo and video clips to spread the campaign as done in Argentina and India successfully. Fish will become free for cats and dogs to consume outside the market if the campaign against fish is sustained any further.

Source: Arab Times

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