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MP offers suggestions to develop education sector
July 23, 2015, 10:43 am

MP Mohammad Al-Huwailah presented a number of suggestions to develop the educational sector as follows: Diversify sources for financing higher education institutions, which include teacher training institutions. The country can take advantage of the Japanese experience in the financial field: such as the purchase of share, management of active portfolios and ownership of restaurant, hotels, meeting rooms, newspapers. magazines, publishing houses, printing presses and others.

Introduce effective programs to enhance the skills of teachers in training institutions, train them on e-learning and use of computers through the adoption of programs for training, research and studies at home and abroad: as well as encourage them to participate in conferences, internal and external educational meetings. 

Develop teacher training methods considering the new role of teachers in implementing information age programs. This should he done through coordination between State institutions, business sector and civil society. 

Research and development should be the fundamental responsibilities of educational institutions as a basic element in teacher's training to build the knowledge base for teachers and to gurantee their continous development.

Promote non-profit private higher education institutions. Continous training for teachers in English proficiency as the language is important in terms of benefiting from global knowledge advancement which is vital in globalization.  

Meanwhile. MP Khalil Al-Saleh has forwarded queries to Minister of Education and Higher Education Bader Issa on the alleged recruitment of an unqualified person in Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). He said he has obtained information that the employee, with work identification number 2987, is the relative of the Human Resources Department director.

He claimed the employee did not meet the school `grade requirement: indicating she was promoted as associate researcher (12) despite her poor performance at work and lack of cooperation with her superiors in carrying out her tasks. so she was transferred from one department to another. He added the employee has had several absences and sick leave days. The lawmaker then demanded for copies of the emplovees` university certificate, transcript of records, attendance records, annual and leave applications, and job acceptance letter: in addition to the conditions for appointment to her post, criteria for promotion, and reasons behind her transfer to other departments.

Source: Arab Times

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