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MP proposes constructing hospital specialized in natural therapy
July 22, 2015, 10:30 am

MP Mohammad Al-Huwaila has submitted a proposal for the construction of a hospital specialized in natural therapy which is to be fully equipped with latest medical apparatuses in this field, reports AI- Seyassah daily. He insisted that trained and qualified Kuwaitis must be hired in this hospital and sent overseas for benefiting from international experiences in the field of natural therapy, adding that this field of science has started playing a significant role in treating medical problems such as bone fractures and other diseases.

He affirmed that this type of medicine is part of the modem medicine. MP Al-Huwaila demanded opening specialized institutes and schools for providing training sources on the basics of natural therapy, opening evening medical centers for natural therapy treatments at governmental hospitals during the week days such as in Al-Razi Hospital, Medicine Therapy Hospital, etc and providing vehicles for transferring serious cases back and forth the hospital and the patients' houses. 

He declared that natural therapy plays an essential part in treating patients following surgeries, insisting that a large number of patients are in dire need of such treatments after undergoing surgeries such as for fractures. He added that patients have to take appointments for more' than three weeks for treatments based on natural therapy.

Source: AI-Seyassah daily

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