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MP queries curriculum ideology
July 13, 2015, 10:29 am

MP Saleh Ashour has asked Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Bader Al-Essa to present evidence that visiting graves is an act of polytheism (associate Allah in worship). He wants to know if there is an intention to amend the curriculum, particularly that of Islamic Studies.

He asserted there have been talks on the curriculum allegedly containing extremist ideas and one-sided views which exclude other parties and regard the visiting of graves or tombs as an act of polytheism that is prohibited in Islam. He asked if the Islamic Studies curriculum from the fifth to 12th grades contain the idea that visiting graves and tombs is forbidden in Islam.

If yes, he wants the minister to present proof; and if not, he asked for reasons behind inclusion of this ideology in the curriculum. He inquired if the ministry intends to modify the curriculum, particularly that of Islamic Studies which includes the doctrine of Twelve Imami.

He wants to know why the curriculum does not focus on tolerance, respect for others, and Islam as a religion of peace and love; considering the biographies of the Prophets (Peace be Upon Them) and Muslim leaders are full of stories on tolerance, cooperation, wisdom and good advice rather than violence, killing and destruction. He demanded for the names of the authors of the Islamic Studies curriculum from the fifth to 12th grades and their curriculum vitae.

Source: Arab Times

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