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MP stresses need to amend law on recruiting domestics
December 8, 2014, 9:32 am

Member of the parliamentary Health, Social and Labor Affairs Committee MP Khalil Saleh has stressed the need to amend the law on recruiting domestic workers in order to address the perennial problems of maids.

Disclosing his plan to propose amendments for discussion in the committee meeting slated for Monday next week, Saleh said, “I am trying to find plausible solutions to problems affecting the relationship between all parties involved, because they are now at a crossroads.”

He intends to suggest minimum three years contract for housemaids to prevent them from escaping after the probationary period which makes the sponsors unable to demand for refund of fees for hiring domestic workers.

He added the draft bill will include stipulations that prohibit transfer to another sponsor within three years, grant full salary for one month as end-of-service pay upon completion of the three-year contract, deportation of workers in case of an impasse between them and the employers in a bid to stop the fraudulent acts of domestic labor recruitment offices, transfer of salaries to the workers’ bank accounts if they wish to do so, and issuance of a certificate showing the workers received all their financial privileges in case they decide to go home once their contracts end. In another development, MP Kamel Al-Awadhi presented questions to Minister of Oil Ali Al-Omair on the price of oil and fuel subsidy.

He wants to know the cost of producing a liter of different types of gasoline and setting up gas pipelines for residential and public areas, selling price to the public, subsidized amount, comparison of selling prices in the global market and the Arab Gulf states, and percentage of increase in fuel and gas consumption during summer.

Meanwhile, the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee has completed discussions on the Commercial Agencies Bill which will be presented for voting in the next panel meeting.

Committee Chairman MP Faisal Al- Shaye confirmed attendance of representatives from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in the meeting, during which KCCI team presented amendments that were taken into consideration in finalizing the bill.

He said the most important comments on the bill include those related to litigation, registration, presence of more than one agent in the Ministry of Commerce, imposing fines on anyone who claims to be an agent of a particular company and those who fail to register their agencies at the chamber.

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