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MP wants ‘action’ on private schools
September 9, 2014, 8:36 am

Deputy Premier, Minister of Commerce and Industry and acting Minister of Education Abdul Mohsen A-Modej should take a firm decision against private schools which increased fees without any valid reason, says MP Talal Al-Jalal. Al-Jalal disclosed some private schools are now charging exorbitant fees due to the failure of the Education Ministry to efficiently play its oversight role.

He pointed out this phenomenon has negatively affected the Kuwaiti and expatriate families. He said the recent protest staged by parents against the tuition fee hike in some schools did not come out of the blue as it was due to their inability to pay the fees which exceed their monthly income. He stressed the need to stop these schools from increasing fees without justification and to support students and their guardians. He expects the acting minister of education to address the problem while expressing his confidence in the minister’s ability to strictly deal with the schools.

In a related development, sources have quoted Al-Modej as saying there is a plan to submit draft bills to the National Assembly at the beginning of the next legislative term. These bills include regulation of private schools, mandatory kindergarten enrollment and mechanism to look into violations and complaints against private schools.

On the tuition fee hike issue, the minister confirmed this is under investigation and legislation or decrees will be issued in this regard if the need arises. Furthermore, MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan said officials of the Public Authority for Minors Affairs (PAMA) must respond to queries on the alleged anomalies in the authority. He affirmed the issue will be referred to the Parliament in the next legislative term in order to uncover the truth and take the necessary action once the allegation is proven true.

He cited as a case in point the Collective Investment Fund whose assets are now valued at half billion Kuwaiti dinars. He pointed out the question he intends to present regarding the issue is just the tip of the iceberg, asserting he has documents to backup his claims.


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