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MP warns of electricity outages during Ramadan
July 8, 2015, 10:13 am

MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi has warned Minister of Public Works, Electricity and Water Ahmad Al-Jassar and the concerned employees in the Ministry of Electricity and Water on the dire consequences of repeated power outages in various areas during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

He wondered why these unjustified power outages keep on happening despite the capabilities of the ministry, in addition to its inability to prevent errors.

He stressed the need for the ministry to repair power transmission units that cannot withstand temperatures exceeding 55 degrees Celsius, considering the remarkable increase in temperatures this Ramadan.

He urged the top officials of the ministry to go down to the field and personally look into electricity problems rather than waiting until power is disrupted while people are fasting and worshiping God during the holy month. He asserted the minister must bear the responsibility for these mistakes, because he has been in the ministry for four decades.

He pointed out the recent power outage in Al-Sabahiya, Jahra and Al-Daiya should not be left unnoticed while urging the minister to provide reserve spear parts and boost the emergency sector in order to prevent technical faults and to carry out maintenance procedures effectively.

In conclusion, Al-Tamimi asked the ministry to assess the current condition of the electricity network and to provide the necessary support in order to prevent the recurrence of power disruptions.

In another development, Deputy Speaker the National Assembly MP Mubrak Al-Khrainej has presented his personal assets declaration (financial disclosure) to Public Authority for Combating Corruption Chairperson Abdul-Rahaman Al-Namsh. He said he took this step in compliance with legislative decree number 24/2012 on the establishment of the authority and the executive regulations of the authority under decree number 77/2015.

He stressed the need for State officials to submit their financial disclosures to enable the authority to carry out its work and play its role effectively. He said the MPs and legislative authority have set an example for other officials in submitting their personal assets declaration.

 Source: Arab Times

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