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MPs hail decision to up security in places of worship
June 7, 2015, 11:58 am

The security situation in Kuwait will be discussed in the National Assembly Office by the end of this week with the attendance of the ministers of foreign affairs, cabinet affairs, interior, information and oil. However, H.H. the Prime Minister’s attendance is not confirmed as certain obligations might prevent him from doing so.

Considering the security threats spreading throughout the region, MP Madhhi Al-Hajri praised Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khaled for issuing a directive on intensifying security presence in worship places. He asserted this is a commendable directive, as precautionary measures are vital at this point in time in order to prevent incidents similar to the recent bombings in Saudi Arabia. The MP then addressed the people and affirmed that all sects of the Kuwaiti public must stand together against anything which might provoke sectarianism or division, for this is the main goal of terrorists. He said the public must prioritize the security of the nation and the security personnel are there to ensure this goal is achieved.

On the other hand, MP Faisal Al- Duwaisan also extended his gratitude to the minister and security personnel for securing the areas around mosques and other houses of worship. He said the worshipers have noticed their presence and expressed their gratitude as well, for they were surprised by the swift reaction of the ministry.

In addition to the security directive regarding mosques, the minister disclosed that a tender will be floated soon to change the control mechanism for traffic lights from the current offline and on ground control to the remote online system.

The ‘ramp meter’ system will be introduced as well in order to control the flow of vehicles entering freeways in accordance with current traffic conditions. The minister also confirmed the installation of 65 surveillance cameras recently, extending from Kuwait City to the Sixth Ring Road. He disclosed these cameras will be used to issue citations for other violations such as seat belts, no parking, disruption of traffic flow as the measure is not restricted to speeding alone.


He mentioned that by the end of this year, a total of 250 surveillance cameras will be installed for security and surveillance of traffic movement. He added all 250 cameras will be directly linked to the command station in order to deal with the situation in real time. In another development, MP Faisal Al- Kandari has asked the minister of commerce and industry to strictly enforce the Consumer Protection Law, especially during this time when the holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner and numerous traders and merchants are increasing prices.

The MP also demanded for the ministry to submit a daily report to the Parliament disclosing the number of inspection rounds, seizures and violation tickets issued to outlets. In a press statement, the MP asserted, “We must not forget the hindrance that traders and merchants are causing by the absence of supervision from the concerned authority despite the existence of the Consumer Protection Law.

According to the latest reports from the Central Administration of Statistics, the prices of commodities and consumables keep on moving toward the upward trajectory.” He went on to say that we are approaching the holy month of Ramadan, “when traders and merchants forsake their humanity for extra income.” He urged the concerned authorities and the ministry to instruct whoever is politically in charge of executing the Consumers Protection Law to protect consumers from the greed of traders. He also called for the enforcement of law number 39/2014 which mandates protection of consumers through direct inspection rounds.

Addressing the minister, the MP pointed out that a local newspaper recently published an article quoting official statements about a total of 2,617 bodies suspected of selling expired and spoiled products in 2014. For this reason, the MP proposed that the minister should form a joint committee with the State Ministry for Municipality Affairs in order to prevent such problems. He hopes the minister will comply and prioritize the welfare of the public while working towards reform. He added the Parliament is by his side in this directive.

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