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Maid kills 4-year-old girl by putting worms into her nose
October 22, 2014, 8:20 am

A court is looking into one of the strangest murder cases in Kuwait, reports Al-Shahed daily. The daily added, an unidentified Asian maid is in police custody for allegedly putting worms into the nostrils of a 4- year-old girl who was under her care.According to Attorney Abeer Al-Haddad her client discovered her daughter was becoming feeble day by day and suspected the housemaid. She went on to say the mother as usual got ready to go for work and instead lay in hiding to see what was going on. The mother heard the daughter begging the housemaid saying: ‘One is enough today’.

The mother was shocked when she discovered the housemaid was picking a worm from the rotten meat and putting it inside the nostril of the daughter which ultimately led to her death. The court is looking into the case.

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