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Mais Al Wadi presents a Filipino ‘Chef Extraordinaire’
March 9, 2014, 12:20 pm

Nothing deters a man armed with passion for his work and determination to succeed in achieving his goals. Such is the story of a Chef who is behind the success of a small restaurant in Salmiyah that offers international cuisines d seasoned with Filipino flavors. Rodney Canlas, a 33 years old chef, whips up delicious dishes inside his kitchen for his eager clients who travel from all over Kuwait to dine in his restaurant. 

Chef Rodney Canlas dreamt of travelling around the world not to see touristic places but taste the best dishes of the world and learn the secrets their authenticities. However due to financial constraints and limited sources, Chef Rodney pushed ahead with his dreams by working in different prominent restaurants in the Philippines and picked the most significant traits of their dishes.

Among these restaurants were Cabalen, Ituro Mo-Iluto ko, Philippine Seafood Market and other restaurants that serve international cuisines. When given the opportunity to travel and secure a job abroad, Chef Rodney left the Philippines in 2006 to venture into his life-longime dream of discovering the world’s best gastronomy fare.  Kuwait, a country that offers limitless international food brands and home grown concepts is a haven to a chef such as Rodney.

Armed with strong fortitude and passion to food preparation, Chef Rodney worked for a Japanese Restaurant situated in a five star hotel, where he showcased the most unique presentations of Sushsi and Sashismi that earned the admiration of other chefs and customers.

He then ventured to work for other prominent restaurants and was later hired by Mais Al Wadi, where he manages his own kitchen and a sixty-seat restaurant located in a residential area of Salmiya. “I manage the restaurant on daily basis and thank the owners for the trust and confidence they give me. Mais Al Wadi affords the opportunity for me to showcase my own food creations such as the “Rodney Roll” and prepare the most authentic Filipino cuisines I have mastered cooking throughout these years”, said Chef Rodney.

Other foreign expats are often seen seated outside Mais Al Wadi restaurant trying out his dishes. “It fascinates me to see Europeans visit the restaurant and enquire about Filipino cuisine. It takes some time to explain the preparation and ingredients, but rewards come at the end when they laud the food and take home extra orders.

Many of these expats return to try other dishes and I thank them for the trust”, added Chef Rodney. Weekends are busiest at Mais Al Wadi for the much awaited buffet and weekdays are filled with caterings and special functions that fill even Chef Rodney’s day off. “Phone call orders are successive and preparation might take some time, but rest assured the taste is incomparable and will remain unchanged”, added Chef Rodney.

“When one puts his heart into his work, it becomes a passion and you influence the people around you, eventually you win the trust and confidence of your clients. This is the secret to my success and that makes you Extraordinaire”, concluded Chef Rodney. He has been featured in local television shows, magazines and prints previously, including the cooking program of Al Watan TV.

- Ricky Laxa, Timeskuwait report

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