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Malawians to be repatriated from Kuwait
August 11, 2016, 10:23 am

Around 30 women from Malawi are expected to be returned to their home country after being trafficked to Kuwait on false pretenses. The women were promised high paying jobs but instead, were forced to work as housemaids. The maids have complained that they were tricked by employers and have had their passports confiscated. The Malawi media have reported that since the news came to light, at least four Malawians have been repatriated home. However, most of the women have absconding reports against them and will be deported from Kuwait.

In a similar incident in early March, more than 200 women from Zimbabwe appealed for assistance after being reportedly stranded in Kuwait. The trafficked women came to Kuwait on the excuse of good job offers by human traffickers. On arrival, their travel documents were confiscated and they were sold for large amounts as cheap labor.

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