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Malaysian state asks Kuwait to provide Arabic language education
February 12, 2014, 1:02 pm

Ahmad Yaakob, the Menteri Besar of the Malaysian state of Kelantan (head of the executive branch of government) expressed hope that Kuwait would help in teaching the students of Kelantan the Arabic language.
This came during Yaakob's visit to Kuwait's Ambassador to Malaysia Saad Al-Asousi at the embassy headquarters here on Wednesday.

The Malaysian official said that there are over 170 schools in the state that teaches the Arabic language, adding that Kelantan wishes Kuwait would contribute in this particular education by training the teachers of the state, Ambassador Al-Asousi told KUNA.

Yaakob and his accompanying delegation also requested the increase of the number of the Malaysian students' scholarships at Kuwait's Sharia colleges and Kuwait Religious Institute, as well as forming an educational link between Kuwait and Kelantan, added Al-Asousi.

He added that they discussed Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development's ability to fund and develop some projects in the state, adding that he will officially visit the state to be briefed on its development projects.
There are several previous Kuwaiti contributions in the state made through charitable organizations that build mosques and educational and Quran centers, noting that the embassy will convey the request messages to the officials to bolster the bilateral ties between Kuwait and Malaysia.

Yaakob conveyed his greetings to the senior officials in the State of Kuwait, including Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, congratulating Kuwait on the national celebrations and the Ambassador on his appointment.

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