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Man arrested with half a million knockoff medical pills
April 10, 2016, 8:20 am
Seized counterfeit medical pills

An Arab expat was arrested for the possession of nearly half a million knockoff or counterfeit medical pills whose use may cause death, said a press statement by the Ministry of Interior on Saturday.

The expat, an Egyptian resident of Kuwait, was selling the knockoff medicines as original prescription pills for a quarter of the original price. He was arrested along with a partner of his bearing the same citizenship, said the statement.

The partner said he had bought the counterfeit medicines from a Bengali expat who in turn admitted to authorities he had acquired them from an Indian female expat who stored the medicines in a hideaway storage in downtown Kuwait, explained the statement.

All involved in the hawking of these counterfeit medicines were detained for proper legal action against them. Counterfeit or knockoff drugs are medicines that do not match the description on the label of the containers that hold them. They may be contaminated, or may contain the wrong active ingredients, the correct active ingredient in the wrong amounts, or no active ingredients at all.

Counterfeits may also be out-of-date drugs that have been repackaged with new expiration dates. Drugs can also be considered counterfeit if they contain the right ingredients in the right amounts, but they are not made by the manufacturer described on the label.All kinds of drugs can be counterfeited, including prescription and non-prescription medicines.

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