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Man assaulted, starved wife to death
March 5, 2016, 8:23 am

A Kuwaiti woman died inside the house of her spouse in Waha area. The spouse is said to have called the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry and requested an ambulance for his sick wife and upon arrival of the rescue team, paramedics discovered that the woman was already dead.

They notified security operatives about the incident, and the Deputy Chief of Jahra Security Directorate Brigadier Abdullah Al-Ajmi accompanied his men to the scene before the body was referred to Forensics.

Apparently, the spouse of the deceased lady left the scene before the arrival of security operatives, claiming he was scared, after the officers contacted him on phone.

Initial investigation revealed that the man used to beat his wife and prevented her from eating due to domestic issues. He has since been taken into police custody pending investigations. A case was registered.

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