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Man on drugs held for smashing car windows in Kuwait
January 10, 2016, 11:27 am

Kuwaiti security authorities have arrested a man who smashed windows of cars on a busy road in a neighbourhood in the capital Kuwait City. People said they were shocked to see the man in his late 50s walking around with a stick and breaking the windows of cars, both parked and moving, near the shops selling automobile spare parts in the Sharq neighbourhood.

The man afterwards headed to his own car and drove away without uttering a word, witnesses said. The police, alerted by eyewitnesses, launched an investigation and apprehended the man who was reportedly on drugs.

During the questioning, he said that he worked in the car spare parts business and that he sold them to shops in the Sharq neighbourhood.

However, he was often frustrated by the lack of empty spaces where he could park his car and deliver the items to the shops. He blamed car owners for taking up all spaces and blocking roads and making it difficult for him to move around, police said.

He said that he became so frustrated that he was unable to manage his anger and took the stick he kept in his car and started smashing the windows of cars in front of him.

The man was remanded in custody pending further legal procedures. Sources told Kuwaiti daily Al Rai that he was likely to be charged with damaging property.

Source: Gulf News

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