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Man steals car while ‘helping’ woman driver park
November 10, 2013, 12:16 pm

A young Kuwaiti woman had the shock of her life when her car was stolen by a man who had volunteered to park it for her. The driver was reportedly having trouble getting her car into the parking space at a mall in the bustling Salmaniya area in the capital Kuwait City when a man approached her and offered to assist her.

Grateful for the much-needed help, she stepped out of the car and allowed the man to sit behind the steering wheel while she stood on the side.

However, the man, instead of parking the car, sped away, leaving the young woman without her vehicle and without her personal bag and phone, local Arabic daily Al Watan reported on Sunday. An investigation was launched by the police. Online comments expressed “deep sympathy” with the young woman, but warned that people should be cautious when dealing with strangers.


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