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Mandatory fingerprinting for exiting passengers
September 21, 2015, 10:33 am

The Interior Ministry made employees at the departures department of Kuwait International Airport sign a written undertaking of their technical duties including 30 procedures of checking before allowing citizens or expats to leave Kuwait, an informed source said.

The source said the undertaking included that the departures employees should check the passports, their validity and make sure they belong to their bearers. They should also make sure there are no travel bans before stamping the passport or the boarding pass. The undertaking asked that the travel of any passenger should not be cancelled until after referring to the officer in charge in certain cases, according to the law and administrative circulars. It also asked that fingerprints of all passengers be taken except of citizens, diplomats and judges.

The source said fines should be handed to the collector at the end of each shift. Officers should not inquire about any person except in cases when technical mistakes take place. A report should be made, but no information should be divulged, and any personal travel documents should not be photographed by phone. If there is suspicion of forgery, it should be referred to the forgery branch.

The undertaking asked for entering the country designation in the documentation based on the boarding pass, and if a passenger has a cover on the passport, it should be removed to make sure about the type of passport. If a Gulf passenger arrives with an ID, he should be allowed with the ID only. The undertaking said veiled women should be checked for their identities before processing the passport. Missing passports’ numbers should be checked against those submitted by the passengers.

Source: Al-Qabas

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