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Manpower authority continues to issue temporary permits
February 17, 2015, 8:42 am

Well-informed sources at the Manpower Public Authority said that the authority will continue issuing temporary work permits in order to meet the requirements of both employers and employees under the supervision of the work inspection department.

The sources added that in case a new employer does not want a worker, the inspection department is notified and the worker’s residency remains on the previous employer. The sources also stressed that temporary work permits require a waiver from previous employers and the approval of new ones on condition that workers hold residency visas valid for at least one year and that the new employers actually need the workers.

The sources explained that 100-day temporary work permits are issued so that new employers can give new staff a trial period during which they decide whether to keep the new worker and issue work permits.

Excess food

Municipal Council members Abdullah Al- Kandari and Hessa Kamal recently suggested building special sites near various wedding halls all over Kuwait where extra food can be collected following every ceremony and redistributed to the needy in collaboration with the municipality. They both stressed that this project would save tons of food wasted every year.

Nonpaying consumers

Ministry of Electricity and Water’s (MEW) Consumer Affairs Department recently warned that water supplies for people with huge unpaid pills would be stopped in residential, commercial and investment buildings, said informed sources, noting that some consumers had not paid their bills for years, and accordingly, supplies would be stopped without prior notice. On the other hand, some consumers have filed lawsuits suing MEW for disconnecting their services without any consideration for the buildings’ tenants who mainly comprised of elderly people, children and people with special need

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