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Many MPs planning to draft law to obligate women to dress decently
August 13, 2015, 1:27 pm

A number of lawmakers have' been coordinating recently to ensure some common issues listed in their political agendas will achieve legislative and political results in the upcoming legislative term, reports Al-Nahar daily quoting parliamentary sources.

Many MPs including Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran and Saud Al-Huraiji are planning to present a draft law at the start of the coming legislative term to obligate women to dress decently in Kuwait particularly in public places and impose penalties against those who violate this decision. They proposed establishing a center for controlling this negative phenomenon in the society.

MP Al-Huraiji affirmed that he will seriously follow up the reasons for negligence in the application of the bylaw on the need for students to dress decently in higher educational institutions particularly Kuwait University and. Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. The MPs said it is not appropriate for students to wear short skirts or accessories on their hands, neck or legs inside the campus, and they should not wear clothes with improper phrases or words printed on them.

They indicated that several governmental and private institutions in Kuwait and overseas obligate people to dress decently. For example, several restaurants and companies in the USA and Europe ban entry for men who are not wearing jackets. In some places, men wearing jeans are also not allowed entry.

Meanwhile, MP Nabeel AI-Fadhel insisted that the Kuwaiti society is quite aware now and the people will not allow such oppression under the guise of religion to prevail in the society. ' He said, "Backwardness has increased in this country and values have fallen from the time the religious thought dominated the society", indicating that such calls will increase corruption in the country in the name of religion.

Al-Fadhel stressed that these tendencies represent the proof that corruption is spreading in the society to spoil the atmosphere of freedom and abidance by the Constitution, adding that those lawmakers had taken the oath to respect the Constitution but their policies are aimed to empty the Constitution of their content and aggravate the constitutional and legislative corruption. 

Source: Arab Times

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