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Masking a cold with makeup
January 28, 2018, 4:45 pm

There really is no such thing as a good time to have a cold, but catching one during the winter, when your skin is already scaly, dry, and red, is particularly brutal. Of course, the best remedy is staying in bed and makeup free until it blows over — but that's not real life. Layering on your usual full face of makeup isn't the best option either. Usually when you have dry, flaky skin, makeup will only highlight these issues, so you need to combat the problems before applying makeup. Here's how to cover the signs of a cold without making already-compromised skin even more irritated.

Smooth over flaky skin:  If your skin isn't painfully chapped, start with a soft scrub to get rid of any dry or rough patches. This will ensure that your makeup doesn't catch on the skin.

Swap in a moisturizing cleanser: Once the dryness is removed, clear away any lingering cold remnants with a super hydrating, gentle cleanser that cleanses without sucking away much needed moisture from your skin.

Prime and moisturize: Now is the time to start using heavier moisturizers, oils, and masks. You can tackle multiple signs of a cold (i.e., redness and dryness) with a good moisturizer. A good serum hydrates and works as the perfect primer to help keep your makeup in place.

Forgo the foundation: Foundation on skin that is already irritated can look cakey. To even out your complexion, try a lighter, tinted CC cream instead. Choose a product that helps minimize redness, protects the skin, and also treats sensitive areas with vitamins and antioxidants.

Go for the glow: Dull skin will only exacerbate the signs of a cold, so pump life back in by creating a dewy, glowy finish. Stick with cream glosses and highlighters as powder highlighters, especially ones with chunky glitter, have the potential to cake up and can also irritate already sensitive skin.

Ditch the loose powder: Setting powders and powder foundations will only call attention to any dry areas. To help lock in the coverage of your CC cream or tinted moisturizer, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to swipe a waterproof concealer on top. This will not only add that extra bit of coverage, but it will also set it to the touch.

Sallowness: A peachy blush will hide a multitude of sins and instantly perk up sallow-looking skin. Avoid red-toned blushers as they could emphasize any flare ups or blotchiness.

Cracked lips: Chances are, your lips are parched when you have a cold, and this is usually triggered by dehydration, combined with your immune system being down. So keep a bottle of water handy and load your lips with a nourishing lip care that rebalances skin's moisture levels and encourages healing.

Dull complexion: A vitamin-packed face mask will help to recharge your complexion back to its former glory. Find a product that contains a boost of anti-oxidants and a dose of exfoliating AHA acids, both of which should help shift the buildup of dead cells and leave your skin underneath looking baby-soft and smooth.



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