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Mechanism of MoH panels operation to be reorganized, Al-Obeidi issues decision
October 27, 2015, 8:58 am

Minister of Health Dr. Ali Al-Obeidi issued a decision to reorganize the mechanism of operation of the committees instituted to improve services rendered to the general public in hospitals through the formation of seven committees for recognition affairs, medical registry, safety, risks management, deaths, medical complications, infectious disease and reutilization. He explained the committee for recognition affairs will review the work policies and plans in a manner that meets the standard of recognition and quality, and ensure adherence to the implementation of recognition merits by the hospitals throughout the validity period of the recognition certificate, and follow up the recommendation of external appraisals for the national program.

The duties of the medical registry is to ensure an easy and simple process of opening and retrieving files and presenting information to the concerned medical personnel if needed, whereas the safety and risk management committee in cooperation with the hospitals will set the safety and risk management plan for hospitals. The committee for deaths and medical complications will compile the monthly statistics collected by the medical registry, whereas infectious diseases committee will review reports issued by the office for infectious diseases.

Concerning the committee for reutilization, it will ensure that the medical utilities are used in an appropriate manner. It will also study issues that hamper the proper use of medical equipment and provide a suitable solution in coordination with concerned bodies. The seven committees will hold periodic meetings at least once every three months, and each committee will set its own annual work plan and timeline to complete its missions.

Source:  Al-Seyassah

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