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Mechanism soon to address illegal residents issue - Interior
March 4, 2014, 2:12 pm

The government is currently working on a mechanism to address the issue of illegal residents which would be adopted soon, stressed Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah in remarks in parliament, Tuesday.

This came in the regular National Assembly session during the minister's response to remarks and reports by MP Saleh Ashour regarding the arrest and holding of a minor in relation to recent protests in Taimaa area.

Still on the illegal residents issue, "those who have the right to naturalization shall have it and those who have no such right would be given a flat 'no' in answer," the minister strongly added.

"Two of those involved in the protests have been deported" he said, "and their nationalities are known to us." On the Taimaa incidents, he said "groups of 35-40 young men hail stones on Police Precincts, damage Police cars, and attack and cause injury among Police forces. The least sever of the injuries reported required seven stitches in the head.

"To add insult to injury, when Police attempt to arrest those engaged in such behavior, some of them respond by trying to knife the officers," he exclaimed.

"The illegal residents dossier is one thing and jeopardizing law and order is quite another," the minister remarked.

"Would you stand for attacks on your police stations, for demolition of your patrol cars?" the minister remarked strongly, addressing the MPs.

On the specific young man MP Ashour pointed out to, the minister refuted reports the minor was arrested at his school. The Interior Ministry had called in the legal guardian of the minor and informed him of the young man's behavior, he said.

The minister stressed there is a shared responsibility between the government and the National Assembly to address the laws dealing with offending minors.

"It is a shared responsibility when it comes to such a man remaining in school, when it comes to minors involved in drug use and trade, and when it comes to those who drive recklessly without even having a driver's license. These are all interconnected dossiers."

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