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Metal detectors to be installed at Kuwait malls
September 30, 2013, 10:05 am

Metal detectors may soon be installed at all mall entrances in Kuwait following the fatal stabbing of a man on Thursday.

Minister of Interior Major Raed Buslaib said the ministry had agreed to increase security at malls after residents were shocked by the public killing.

“The ministry is now discussing the security systems in the malls. We agreed that the number of surveillance cameras should be increased and alarms and metal detectors should be installed at mall entrances and maintained regularly,” Buslaib told the Kuwait Times.

The announcement also follows a four-day siege at a mall in Kenya’s capital, in which 72 people died, including five attackers.

Three people have been arrested in relation to the death of the 24-year-old Kuwaiti national, who was stabbed during an argument in the Marina Mall late on Thursday.

The Bedoun suspect said he did not know the victim and the stabbing occurred following an argument near the stairway.

A second Bedoun and a Kuwaiti citizen were also arrested in connection with the death.

It was the second mall stabbing in less than a year, after a Lebanese doctor was stabbed to death in Avenues Mall in December.

“This is the second time a murder is taking place in a commercial complex, which has shocked the society,” Kuwait MP Khalil Al Saleh said on Twitter.

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