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Mew completes regulations concerning tariff hikes
September 10, 2016, 9:54 am

Ministry of  Electricity and Water has finished preparation the executive regulations of the law No. 20/2016 concerning increased electricity and water tariffs, and has referred it to the Fatwa and Legislation Department. reports Al Shahid daily quoting ministerial sources.

They affirmed that the regulations have settled the taritfs lor the industrial and agricultural sectors by dividing them into active and inactive,  such that the active category will be charged based on the old tariff rates and the inactive side will be charged based on the new tariffs.

The sources indicated that the ministry has conñm1ed it will address both the agricultural and industrial authorities in order to determine the active and inactixe pmjecLs in their sectors before implementing the law.

They revealed that the regulations have set May 22, 2017 as the day the new tariff rates will come into effect in the commercial sector, adding that they will be put into effect in the investment sector exactly three months later.

Meanwhile. Undersecretary of Ministry of Electricity and Water Muhammad Boushahri denied that the ministry had anything to do with the price increase of water tankers, urging the people affected by this to lodge complaints over this issue.

He affirmed that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is responsible for following up prices.

Meanwhile, Undersecretary of Ministry of Public Works Eng. Awatif Al-Ghunaim disclosed that Ministry of Finance has approved changes to two contracts worth KD 1.2 million each for maintenance of highways in order to deal with the problem of “flying stones” which is expected this winter season.

In a press statement, Al-Ghunaim explained that representatives from Ministry of Finance asked for data concerning the tender for maintaining Sixth Ring Road at a cost of KD 8 million for three years in order to study the possibility of allotting part of the budget for launching the maintenance activities during the current phase.

She revealed that a meeting will be held after Eid Al-Adha to discuss this issue especially since the Sixth Ring Road is expected to witness the phenomenon of “flying stones” this winter.

Al-Ghunaim said the representatives from the Ministry of Finance affirmed that they will ask the ministry' s Legal Affairs of Department about the possibility of accessing the budget of some sectors in order to increase the budget for mamtenance activities. 

She insisted that the roads will not experience the “flying stones” phenomenon, as many of them underwent maintenance including King Fahad Expressway and Fahaheel Road, adding that it is too late to start the maintenance of the rest of the roads that are expected to experience this problem due to difficulty in obtaining approval concerning the budget.

Source: Arab Times

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